Balancing Act

Well I have spent the last 3 weeks student teaching 3 days a week on top of being a mom, wife, and taking care of household chores, and I am feeling a bit (okay very) overwhelmed. Now Monday the fun begins.

Monday my university coursework officially begins, which means I will be gone 5 days a week 40 hours (plus an evening class), with homework and assignments.

My question to all of you amazing women is what is your trick to balancing it all?

I realize that I am going to have to let go of some of the housework, which means the cleanliness level is going to decline a bit. I just honestly don’t know how I’m going to handle that because having things neat and organized is what keeps peace in my life. It keeps my stress level a little lower, and just generally makes me happy.

Asking for help seems to be the most common advice I seem to get from people, and honestly it is probably the hardest for me to follow. I HATE asking others for help. In my mind I want to still be the same kind of mom and wife that I am now, before returning to school (and eventually working). I want to make dinner, do my family’s laundry, etc, and I totally realize that this is old fashioned. Doing these things for my family is a sort of validation for me. I feel like a better mom to my daughter when I do her laundry, prep her food/bottles, and put her to bed. I feel like a better wife when I do my husband’s laundry, clean, and make meals. None of these things are true to anyone¬†around me, but they hold true for me.

I’m trying desperately to mentally prepare myself to ask for help.

I’m trying to let go of the need for perfection (or at least close to it) around the house.

I’m trying to keep my priorities in order.

But these things are all a lot harder than I ever thought they would be.

Please give me all the advice or words of wisdom you have Mommas!

Love Always,



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Take a Minute, (not just on Mother’s Day) for Yourself

Wednesday was just one of those days that veteran moms warn you about while you’re pregnant. Those days where you are drained of patience but still have to push through, those days where NOTHING will make your little one happy, those days where you go in the bathroom to breath and cry a little. Needless to say it was not fun. I counted down the minutes until my husband got home, and of course he had to work a little late (because that’s just how it goes); I desperately needed just a little help.

I needed a break, and bad. Once I got 5 minutes to eat and take a second I felt alright, and then the mom guilt set in to go back and be with my husband and baby. She was being cute and happy with daddy and I wanted to be apart of that. You guys, thank goodness for my husband that night because he made me go in and have some “mommy” time. I don’t think I would have done it without him pretty much forcing me, but why?

Why do we feel like we have to be with our little ones constantly? Why, as moms, do we feel guilty for taking an hour to just be alone?

I took a bubble bath that night. I put my headphones in and listened to some relaxing, (non-Disney) music (aka my Jason Mraz station on Pandora). I couldn’t hear if the baby was crying, if she was being absolutely adorable, or if the dog was barking, and it was amazing. I leisurely scrolled through Pinterest with no guilt and with no constraints. I wasn’t searching for anything or any answers, so I could just look and listen and relax. I didn’t realize how much I had needed it until I got out. I felt rejuvenated and refreshed. I was ready to make tomorrow a better day, and I was ready to happily soothe a cranky baby.

With Mother’s Day approaching, everyone is talking about gifts and wonderful brunches, but ladies we need to pamper ourselves more than just once a year. You know that saying “Happy wife, happy life?” It really should say “Happy wife, happy baby, happy life.” No more mom guilt for handing the baby to the hubby or sitter or friend or who ever you trust to take an hour and just breath and relax because having this time (at least in my ¬†humble opinion), makes for a better mom. You have more patience for the tantrums or epic spit ups or blowouts; *gasp* you may even see some humor in them because you’re not completely and utterly drained.

Celebrate this beautiful thing that is motherhood this Sunday, but also celebrate yourself all throughout the year with a little “you” time.

What do you like to do to relax and recharge? Tell me in the comments below.

Love Always,


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