Prep for Camping with a Baby

Alright so we are braving a weekend in the great outdoors with our 6 month old. Naturally being the excessive planner I am, I’m already prepping for the trip even though its 2 weeks away. I’ve come up with a … Continue reading

Fashion Friday: Instagram Round-Up

I realize that is now the 8th of July, but the weather here has been anything but summer-like so my Instagram round-up is going to be for June.

Below are a collection of my favorite looks for the month. I hope that you can use them as inspiration for your upcoming outfit planning!


What are some of your favorite summer trends?

Love Always,


Summer Tank Styling Ideas

Fashion Friday

I’m back with this series! Its been a busy couple of weeks so I have missed this the last two weeks (read here more about my absence). Summer is full swing here in the Pacific Northwest and so I thought I would get back to Fashion Friday with some styling ideas for this summer staple.

I found mine pretty recently at Target, but really these outfits can be translated to your favorite sleeveless blouse that you already own. The tank I styled here is a woven material with some detailing so that it can be easily styled up or down.

First up, style it casually with denim shorts and a casual necklace. This is basically a mother’s uniform for the summer. Its super easy, super comfortable, and stylish too. You know the dream mix for us moms.


Second outfit is styled with a denim or chambray skirt (mine is also a current Target find). This look is still casual and easy but is a little dressier then just denim shorts. What I love about this outfit is its still super easy but you can do lunch or something a little nicer without putting in a ton of thought or effort.


Last outfit idea is paired with a neutral skirt with some structure. Mine is older from Loft but what I love is that the colors are very neutral and there is minimal going on. Its an A-line skirt with structure so that any top tucks well into it, especially an easy breezy summer tank.


Happy Summer Lovelies!

Summer Bucket List


This is our first summer with our little Charlotte and as a little family and I could not be more excited! She will be 6 months July 8th so I think she will be a super fun age to do some of these things with (and some of them I will admit are more for me to experience with her). We live in the Pacific Northwest but I think a lot of these will work for mostly anywhere. So here it is:

Blackberry Picking


Go swimming (either a lake or river)

Trip to the coast (her first time seeing the Ocean)

Have a picnic

Attend an Outdoor movie or concert

Hike around Silver Falls State Park

Play at the Splash Pad

Ride the Carousel

Dallas Drive-in Theatre

4th of July Fireworks Show

First Road Trip

Finger Paint Outside

Feed the Ducks

Farmer’s Market

Lawn Seats at the Baseball Game

Logging Museum (Camp 18; this is the hubby’s contribution)

More Zoo Trips!


What do you all have planned for the summer? Any suggestions I should add to my list?

P.S My husband has no idea what I have in store for him.

Love Always,