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Hey Lovelies today I partnered up with Elle from Living in Color and Jacqueline from Stylin’ In St Louis for their #SpotlightWeekly. I’m styling my favorite accessory a statement necklace. If you follow me on Instagram then you already know I love a great necklace! It completes any outfit no matter how simple.  Read the guidelines below then head on over to their blogs to add a link to a blog post about your favorite accessory. DSC_0758DSC_0759 (3)DSC_0763 (2)

Link-Up Guidelines:

We kindly ask that you follow the two hosts: Elle from Living in Color on Bloglovin’, Jacqueline from Stylin’ In St Louis via Bloglovin’ , and our guest host (that’s me).

Use the button provided on Larissa or Jacqueline’s side bar or link back to the link-up on your blog. (Feel free to leave your links here as well in the comments section.)

Enjoy reading other blogs and make new blogger friends!

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The Poppy and Peridot: A Perfect Boutique for the Stylish Mom

Fashion Friday

If you ladies are anything like me (which I hope you are since you are here reading my blog) I love to find new little boutiques (online or otherwise) that sell cute looks that are affordable, stylish, and mom friendly. That is a tall bill to fulfill but I have found you all a great website that does all three of those things well! Oh and did I mention I got 10% off for you stylish moms? Just scroll (or read) down to the very bottom to find your coupon code for this amazingly adorable little site.

The Poppy and Peridot

I stumbled across this site on none other than Instagram, and instantly fell in love with their stuff. Follow them too by clicking here.

All of their items are casual with a feminine flair, which is perfect for us stylish moms. The two items I have are both super soft as well so they are so comfortable to wear while running errands or at the park. I had such a hard time deciding what to order but I went with two you can see below because I thought they were versatile for my wardrobe. Plus these lovely ladies also carry some insanely cute jewelry which are all perfect to add that extra “oomph” to any outfit.

“Hello Gorgeous” Tank


Crochet Pocket Knit Top

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Please, go check out this fabulous little site run by very sweet ladies and use the code below for 10% off your order.


Let me know what you all think of the site!

Love Always,


Let Me Introduce You All to Thred Up

The clothes featured in this post were paid for by Thred Up, however the opinions are entirely my own. I shopped Thred Up long before I was sponsored to. This post also features an affiliate link which gives money and … Continue reading

Accessories Needed for Survival as a Stylish Mom

Alright ladies this installment of Fashion Friday  is sort of an extension to last week’s post where I discussed my essentials (clothing wise) to staying stylish while being a mom. This week is all about my go-to accessories that always complete my look with minimal thought or effort. When those mornings occur where you’re running on coffee instead of sleep or when mom brain becomes a sort of mental disability. These easy pieces will keep you looking like a style blogger without any of the planning.

A Leopard Scarf

In my opinion leopard print is most definitely a neutral. Stick with one in neutral (sort of natural) colors and you will never go wrong with it. If you’re new to pattern mixing leopard is also a good place to start with because it’s one that easily pairs with most other prints and colors. One tip when buying your scarf is to make sure it is a weight that you can wear most of the year, so look for one that is neither to heavy or too light (Like in the words of Goldilocks, “One that’s just right.”).

IMG_7119IMG_4654 - CopyIMG_7117

A Floral Scarf

Floral is a nice way to bring an outfit to life with a pop of some fun colors. Again if you’re nervous about pattern mixing floral is great because it pairs with pretty much everything! I wear mine especially in the spring but don’t get me wrong, sometimes I just get sick of all the dark colors in fall and winter so I will throw it on to brighten up my life then too!


A Neutral-Colored  Patterned Scarf

If you haven’t already noticed I might have a slight addiction to scarves (my husband claims its a real problem, but what do men know anyways?). I live in the Pacific Northwest and our summer just isn’t real long so scarves can be worn pretty much year round here. Anyhow, a neutral patterned scarf is another great way to add something extra to just jeans and a t-shirt. Mine is one of my most casual scarves so it goes well with my simple looks, but it also dresses down a skirt and top.


Floral Statement Necklace

I love a good floral anything really, but I do love my floral necklace (so much so that I’m on the hunt for another one). It adds some beautiful feminine flare to your favorite t-shirt, and also lends well to blouses and dresses. Mine is small and not overly huge so its easy to wear with the little one and doesn’t look ridiculous at the park or grocery store. Believe me adding a cute little necklace instantly makes your whole outfit fun and stylish!


Long Neutral Necklace

This is for those days when mom brain is at its worst and you’ve practically got an IV of coffee. You will literally need no thought at all because something simple will go with every single thing you own. I don’t usually leave the house without some sort of necklace or scarf and this particular one of mine gets worn the most because its easy. I feel way more pulled together but I didn’t spend any time in the mirror debating on if it matches my outfit.


Long Crystal Necklace

Make sure this one is not too big; just keep it real simple. A simple little crystal necklace will be your best friend! It adds some sparkle and a little glam to anything you wear plus it goes well anything! What more needs to be said here?


A Go-To “Arm Party”

You’ve all seen those awesome fashion bloggers and the shot of their beautifully manicured nails, holding a Starbucks, with the amazingly perfect stack of bracelets. Yea “ain’t nobody got time for that.” I don’t even attempt to paint my finger nails because there is no way that my daughter won’t need something before they dry! But you can look almost as awesome if you have a favorite stack of bracelets and a watch that go with almost everything. I have to admit that I don’t wear mine all the time but when I do I instantly feel very stylish.


A Brown Leather Belt

Or at least something that looks like leather (mine is from Target). The idea is to have one belt that works with everything. No need for 15 different belts here. Use this one to belt a dress or tunic and to hold your pants up. If I wear jeans and a t-shirt I almost always wear a belt (even if I don’t need it) because I front-tuck my shirt and I instantly feel a whole lot less of a mess and whole lot more stylish. Doing the little front tuck will almost always upgrade you to that stylish mom at the park.


So I think that’s a pretty good list to get you lovely ladies started with! Adding just one of these to your outfit each day will have you looking and feeling like a fashion blogger, even at school drop-off!

What’s your go-to accessory? If you love this post and found it helpful please share it with your friends.

Love Always,