Fostering My Jewelry Addiction with RocksBox

I will fully admit that I one hundred percent have an addiction to buying and wearing jewelry of all kind. My husband will also not hesitate to tell anyone he can that I have “too many” necklaces. What’s really too much though? I say to him to each their own. Well I now have a fun way to make both of us happy! Marriage is about compromise right?

Thank you Rocks Box for making this compromise so insanely easy!

For only $19 per month I get 3 pieces of jewelry sent to me (in the cutest little box, might I add). When I’m done playing dress up with those 3 pieces I just send them back with the prepaid shipping and wait (anxiously) for 3 new ones. How have I not done this sooner! I can buy any piece(s) that I can’t live without!

Here is my first box!


Oh and did I mention that I have a code for you to get a month for free!? And you can cancel at anytime!

Use code: uponalovelylittlelifexoxo

Let me know what you lovelies think!

Love Always,