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Charlotte’s Apartment Nursery

An Elephant Nursery

Alright so the nursery I had always dreamed of creating for my first little bundle of joy wasn’t able to come true for this little peanut. I had always thought I would be in a home of our own with more financial freedom to create a special, beautifully decorated space. In real life, however, things don’t always go the way you had thought they would. We weren’t allowed to paint in the apartment we are currently living and the wood trim isn’t my favorite detail, but I have to admit that Charlotte’s nursery turned out better than I had thought I would.

We are on a tight budget, so all the little pretty details I had in mind just weren’t able to come to life. My husband just always reminds that she doesn’t notice if her room is pretty, just that she is loved and taken care of, and I know that this is true but part of me still wishes that I was able to afford to make her room extra special and pretty just like her. I am so grateful to be able to have a happy, healthy little peanut but I get caught up in all the pictures of other people’s nurseries, and I have to admit that I get a little jealous sometimes.

The theme of her nursery was elephants with aqua and yellow and a little bit of pink. I didn’t want something super obviously girl-y or cliche. Of course we wanted her to be pretty, but we didn’t want to do any of the obvious themes for little girls like princess.

DSC_0003DSC_0005DSC_0011DSC_0012DSC_0013DSC_0001Her bookshelf is my favorite part of her room! I bought some picture frame ledges at Ikea and painted them Aqua to add some color. I also put one above the changing pad to keep essentials like rash cream, wipes and hand sanitizer.


This little girl does have a ton of clothes already but they range from newborn to 18 months so it’s not too bad right?

I store her pretty little hair bows in an apothecary jar on top of the shelving unit and her pacifiers are on the little basket. I found both of her prints at Home Goods for a super great price! (This is my favorite place to get those pretty little extras because their prices are great plus their stock is always changing.)

I would love some input if anyone has ideas for her room! Plus I would love to hear how you all decorated your nurseries!

Love Always,



Foodie Adventure in Portland

Alright so since my due date is Thursday the hubby and I decided to take a morning trip to Portland to try out this place for breakfast (seriously we drove 45 minutes for food talk about pregnancy cravings!). I am obsessed with Food Network and have seen this joint featured on shows (I think it was Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives but I’m not positive) and ever since we saw their food we having been dying to try it!! So the place is called Pine State Biscuits and man was it worth the drive! If you are ever in the city of Portland make sure to try this place for breakfast or even lunch. We went to their location on Division Street and we both agreed that the neighborhood itself was awesome and filled with great little shops and restaurants; nothing lacking in Portland quirk and charm.


If it wasn’t 25 degrees outside and windy we would have totally walked the neighborhood and checked more of it out but seriously my face hurt. We both want to take another trip to look further into what’s around Pine State (with the baby next time of course!).

Alright so onto the food. It was delicious!!! We ordered what is called the Moneyball with sausage gravy (they have a mushroom option). So basically this an order of biscuit and gravy but the added bonus is that it comes with, wait for it… an over easy egg on top (yum, I know)! Since I’m 9 months pregnant of course I had to order a piece of fried chicken on the side so that I could truly enjoy all of the amazing-ness of this place! Everything was delicious! We also ordered two lemonades (which is legit lemonade made from lemons not powder or concentrate!) and our total was under $15!! That’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me!


Further down Division Street is another Portland staple worth checking out: Stumptown Coffee. Their coffee is uh-mazing and believe me we know good coffee here in the Pacific Northwest! It’s available in select grocery stores here in the Willamette Valley but it definitely tastes better from the source. Make sure to try their cold brew it is to-die-for! There is also a location right in downtown so there are plenty of opportunities to try out this local favorite.


We finished up our very chilly morning with a walk at Mt. Tabor park, it was short lived, however because again my face seriously hurt from the cold. This park has a spectacular view of the city and a ton of hiking and biking trails along with a cute playground area. It’s a great escape right in the city, another great gem of Portland.


All in all we had a fun mini adventure in Portland. The city has a lot to offer and there are so many other places we want to explore (and food we want to eat, like a lot more food to try). I have to say I love this beautiful state we live in.

P.S I know no fashion or pretty things in this post but hey our little adventures are one of favorite aspects of my life and I promised to share a little bit of everything.

Love Always,



Maternity Style on a Budget

I’m on a tight budget being a single income family and a college student. The idea of buying a bunch of clothes that I would only wear for a few months seemed crazy and just downright unrealistic for me, especially since let’s face it maternity specific clothes are super over-priced. I focused on a few key pieces from the maternity section that I felt I could wear repeatedly and would be the most beneficial, and other than that I bought styles that I could wear after pregnancy as my body adjusted. I like to think I have accepted that my body will never look the same again, therefore I figured that I  would probably need a wardrobe update anyways.

What did I buy in the maternity section?

The first maternity item I bought were jeans mainly because I am a girl that loves to wear jeans constantly. This just seemed like a logical purchase with great value for me. I went to the motherhood maternity outlet store near me on a holiday weekend (it was insane but I knew the sales would be worth the crowds and they were!!). I am on the more petite side as far as my frame so their Jessica Simpson brand worked best for me since they run small. They are reasonably priced plus I got mine on sale.

After registering at Target I received a coupon for my entire purchase of their brand of maternity clothes. I waited until there was a cartwheel sale as well and bought multiple items at that time in order to get the most for my money. Also always check the clearance at target I scored a tops for super cheap!  Here’s what I bought:

  • two basic long sleeve shirts (a must in the PNW)
  • a printed thermal
  • a cute flannel plaid top that ties above the bump
  • A striped tunic tee
  • A striped basic V-neck
  • A belly band (50% off on cartweheel!!)

IMG_5079IMG_4886 - CopyIMG_4935IMG_5064


Non-Maternity Finds:

So other than these few items the rest of what I wore was either things I already had in my closet that were stretchy or over-sized to begin with or I bought items I knew would work with a bump and without. Some of my favorite places to look with good prices are forever 21 (I just had to be very picky but I scored some great stuff for super cheap), Lou and Grey from LOFT (I work here part time so I have a discount but they have great sales), target, and pink blush. Here are a few of my outfits with non-maternity clothes throughout my pregnancy.

A serious lifesaver was that belly band from target!! It basically lets you wear your jeans without having to button them, and no one can tell! I had a few pairs of jeans that had extra stretch that I was able to wear for like 8 months of my pregnancy. Alright at first I would just take a hair tie (a rubber band would also work) and loop it through my button hole and then around the button to give me some extra room. A long top would hide this and it worked great. Once my belly was too big for this, the belly band was awesome! It keeps your pants snug and up where they are supposed to be plus it hides the fact that they aren’t buttoned or even zipped! And was much cheaper than buying multiple maternity jeans!! Score!

What to look for outside of the maternity Section:

  • Length because everything gets shorter as your bump gets bigger
  • Stretch! Seriously a good amount of stretch is your best friend
  • A waist that hits above your bump
  • Loose and over-sized (as your bump grows belt them above your bump to be more flattering)

P.S Leggings will be your very best friend so buy your favorite brand when you see them on sale! I promise there is a point where you don’t care if you’ve worn leggings for three days in a row.

Check out my instagram for my full maternity style @uponalovelylittlelife

Hope this helps!

I would love to hear how you adapted to your growing bump so leave me a comment below!

Love Always,