Things You DO NOT Need for a Baby

I am happy to say that everyone in my little family is alive and surprisingly pretty happy. My husband and I so far have been successful parents, so I can do this whole motherhood thing. We’ve made it 7 months! … Continue reading

We Survived Camping with a Baby 

Call us crazy but this past weekend we took our almost 7 month old, dog and ourselves camping with another family (who have 3 kids themselves). We were 12 miles from the closest town, with no cell service, and a … Continue reading

Sometimes We Can’t Do It All

I’ve been a little MIA lately from my blog and other social media accounts. I’m trying to grow this space of mine on the internet into something more than just hobby, but honestly that is what it is right now. … Continue reading

But Your Baby Doesn’t Even Understand Yet.

My daughter is 5 months old. She giggles, smiles, rolls over, and kicks her legs like crazy but she still doesn’t have much understanding of the world around her. Often times I hear from friends and family “Why are you … Continue reading

What am I Even Doing?

I thought by now that I would have the hang of this whole motherhood thing. 5 months I shouldn’t be winging it on a regular basis, or so I thought. Man I was SO wrong! You guys pretty much everyday … Continue reading

When All Else Fails: Make Your Baby Smile

Being an adult is fricken’ awesome sometimes! You have freedom to make your own decisions, you make your own bedtime (every toddlers dream), you get to lay next to the one you love, and you get to make a family … Continue reading