A Little About Me

Let’s knock the basics out of the way first so we can get to the good stuff.

I am in my early twenties and happily married to my middle school sweetheart. We have a wonderful little fur baby named Minnie (Mouse) who is four years old.  We had our beautiful little girl, Charlotte Autumn January 8th of this year. We live in Oregon and absolutely love living in the Pacific Northwest, even though we both grew up in San Diego. My husband is a proud, hardworking Oregon logger and I am finishing up school to be a middle school science teacher. Okay so I think that’s a good start on the basics, now for some more details.

My husband and I have been married about 2 and a half years but we have been together for 10 (we realize being together since the 8th grade makes us slightly weird). I love him to pieces and I am sure you will hear a lot about him and some of the pictures taken for the site will be from his wonderful camera man skills (he loves it I swear haha). He’s my very best friend and I don’t know what I would do without him, but enough of the mushy-gushy love stuff. We have lived in Oregon for over 3 years now and honestly I would never live anywhere else; it is beautiful here!

As I mentioned before we have a dog who we call Minnie (among a lot of other names like, Moose, Meemoo, etc.) We have had her since she was 10 weeks old and she is a spoiled little princess, but I don’t think I would have it any other way.  There will be a lot of photos of her to follow I am sure! She was diagnosed last year with lupus and it was a challenging time for our family. We are so thankful that she is doing so well now and that it is not cancer like they had originally suspected. She’s a sweet little girl (when I say little I mean 65 pounds but she’s a lap dog right??) who is part Shepard and part Rhodesian Ridgeback.

So….I’m pregnant!!! This will be our first and we are so excited to be having a little girl. Her closet is filling up fast and she is not even here yet!! We have decided on the name Charlotte Autumn; we love the classic feel of it. You will be bombarded with photos and stories so enough about this little girl for now.

Well if you made it this far I am seriously proud!! I am looking forward to getting to know you and hope we can build some lasting relationships. I know this was a little long winded but hey I had to narrow down my entire life into a few paragraphs and that was hard work!!

Love Always,



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