How I Got My 14 Month Old Off the Bottle

This post contains products that I was given in return for a post. The opinions presented, however, are entirely my own.

Parenting is tough you guys!

I mean as soon as I get the hang of something its time for something new or its time to get rid of something or its time for another milestone. I mean, come on kid, can a mom get a break around here? The one transition that was surprisingly easy for my little one and me was ditching the bottle. This was large part thanks to the help of Amara Baby Foods. 

Here’s the scoop on what worked for my little one and as a caveat I will say that my daughter adapts well to change, and is a pretty good eater.

First I waited until she was over the age of one and I introduced her to milk in her bottle (see why it’s not breast milk in her bottle here). I decided to ditch formula when she adapted to milk since she was also eating well and getting a variety of nutrients through food. Alright so I slowly started giving her less and less bottles throughout the day, and swapped them for sippy cups with milk instead. Plus she was eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner in between. I got her to the one bottle right when she woke up, and she was not giving that one up! I tried everything to just ween her off of it, but let me tell you it is rough dealing with a cranky, screaming baby/toddler first thing in the morning. Her bottle made her happy and mommy could drink some coffee in peace, so it seemed inevitable that she would take a bottle through high school ;).

Here is where the husband comes to the rescue. As a dad my husband has is own (not always mom approved way of doing things), and I’m sure plenty of you can relate to this scenario. Well he decided to give her some drinkable yogurt in her straw cup one afternoon (side note my daughter is absolutely obsessed with drinking out of straws), and she was in love! She could not get enough of the stuff!

Well the next morning I decided to give it a try as a swap for her bottle. By a stroke of pure miracle she didn’t even blink before chuggin’ down the yogurt. That my friends is how I managed to ditch the bottle before my daughter is even 15 months old. There was no genuis plan or expert parenting happening over here, just some good old trial and error alongside some luck.


So before I mentioned that Amara Baby Foods helped with this whole process, and it seriously did plus it saves me when I’m in a rush to get out the door. Amara is ready-to-go high quality baby food, but here’s the catch its just the dried good stuff (aka fruits and veggies) and you all have to do is add liquid. I get to be a Pinterest mom with amazing and healthy (practically homemade) baby food without the time commitment. I love to mix a pouch in with her yogurt in the morning if I’m in a hurry because it makes the drink into a balanced breakfast that fills her up. This stuff is not just for babies it makes awesome smoothies that Charlotte can seriously not get enough of!

Getting rid of the bottle and providing an easy on the go breakfast, snack or even lunch could not be easier. I have non of that silly mom guilt when I’m feeding her Amara because I know its high quality and made with care, plus I get the convenience of junk food! That’s a total win-win.


 To try this Pinterest worthy baby food click here.

Let me know what you lovelies think in the comments below.

Love Always,



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