The Valentine’s Gift He Will Never Forget

If your man is anything like mine, then he is absolutely impossible to buy for! I have no idea the specific of all the guy gear that he is drooling over and he already has enough clothes and other “easy” gift items. Thankfully I found the perfect gift, that even my rough and tough logger husband loves, a JORD wood watch.


Click Here for this watch!


My husband works his butt off to support our little family while I finish up school, and this winter in the Pacific Northwest has not made his life any easier. He works out in the woods in the elements, from before sun comes up until it goes down. He comes home exhausted, cold, wet, and muddy. In spite of that, he gets down on the floor each night and fills our home with baby giggles from our daughter. He helps me clean up after dinner, offers to bathe our girl when I have had a tough day, and takes the time to listen when I need his support. He is self-less in all that he does and always puts his family first, which is why I wanted to get him the perfect gift to show him how much his girls love and appreciate him on Valentine’s Day.

The JORD wood watch fit that bill absolutely perfectly. He is a man of the woods so the detail and beauty of the wood used for his watch was not lost on him. He connected with the strong and natural look to the watch, and I love that it is an elegant watch that suites his true self. This men’s watch is unlike any other, which makes it a perfect gift for my one in a billion guy.

dsc_0738dsc_0751dsc_0775dsc_0783dsc_0787There are so many men’s watches to choose from at JORD and I know one of them would be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the man in your life as well. From the packaging to the designs a JORD wood watch will make this a Valentine’s Day that he will never forget.

Give the Gift of a great men’s watch with JORD.

Love Always,


Watches Made From Wood

P.S. They have some truly amazing women’s watches as well so check some out for yourself too!


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