First Birthday Celebrations

The theme was Winter ONEderland and let me tell you the weather fulfilled that perfectly. It snowed all day, which left many of the guests unable to attend the party, but since everything was bought and ready, the show went on. The great thing about it being her first birthday was that she didn’t know who was missing and was just so excited to see those who were able to come.

Now my little girl may have handled this like a champ but I have to admit that this momma had a bit of a minor meltdown the morning of when the weather turned blizzard like and we considered cancelling. This party was something that I had been planning and working on for months so the thought of it not happening was slightly heartbreaking. This was, after all, my little girls very first birthday party so in my head that meant it had to be perfect!


The party ended up being so much fun despite the low attendance. There were fewer kids which meant that my little one wasn’t overwhelmed and was able to crawl around and explore. She was smiley, goofy and sassy, instead of quiet due to a crowd. Those who were there saw her true personality which wouldn’t have happened if everyone had attended. Now don’t get me wrong those people were missed dearly and we schedule times to celebrate with them too, but there is always a bright side to every scenario.


My little girl had fun, she ate cake, played with her friends, was showered with love, and spent the afternoon smiling. What else could I ask for?


This winter weather definitely put things in perspective and reminded me what is really important. The smiles and laughter of my daughter, not the perfect party or “insta” worthy photos of it. We made great memories for her party, and that’s all that I could have ever asked for.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the lowdown on all the decor and how I managed to throw a beautiful party on a budget.

Love Always,



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