A Thankful Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the onset of many different things from crazy Christmas shopping to cooler weather, but most importantly it is the start of the holiday season. It’s time for giving and spreading joy. Everyone personifies this in different ways and honestly some choose to celebrate this time of year exclusively through material gestures.

This year more so than any other, I have so many things to be grateful for and to remind myself when things get hectic I wrote a list of all of those amazing things that I am lucky to have.

My Thankful List

  1. My daughter is happy, healthy, full of spunk and personality, and smart.
  2. My husband is employed with a new job at an amazing company. He is being paid his worth finally and has great benefits.
  3. Having the support of family to watch my daughter while I finish school. I don’t have the stress of putting her in daycare or the financial burden of it.
  4. Being at a great clinical site for my student teacher experience and having a very helpful and supportive mentor teacher.
  5. A healthy dog who is loving and patient with my daughter (her sister).
  6. The financial ability to give my daughter a Christmas.
  7. Being able to spend Thanksgiving with family.
  8. Living in a new apartment with more space.
  9. Having a loving and supportive husband.
  10. My health.
  11. My Husband’s health.
  12. Living in a beautiful state that is perfect for family adventures.
  13. Being a mom this Holiday season.
  14. That I always have coffee available to me because I would not survive without it.
  15. That Instagram exists.


I fully admit that those last two are a bit for fun, but I didn’t want this to turn into a sappy post. There are a million and one other things that I am very thankful for but let’s be honest no one would read that list from top to bottom.

What are you lovelies the thankful for?

Love Always,



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