Sand Between Her Toes

We made our first trip out the coast this past weekend, and boy did my little girl LOVE the sand! She was completely obsessed with it and wanted nothing more than to play and sit in it.

This trip was a great way to escape the brutal summer heat in the valley where we live. One thing to know if you are planning a trip to the Oregon Coast is to know that the weather is often overcast and cool, no matter the time of year. For instance it was 97 in the valley but in the mid 60s and super cloudy out on the beach. I have, however, been there in December when it has been sunny and 60, but back inland it was in the mid 40s and totally overcast. Basically the coast has its own weather so be prepared for anything!

More on our little girl. First off she could not care less about the ocean, like at all. She was all about the sand. We could not even get her to look up for a picture!

DSC_0712DSC_0781DSC_0706 (2)DSC_0705 (2)DSC_0773

My moral for this brief little post is that we had an absolute blast, and the weather was pretty crappy. Sometimes, especially here in Oregon, we can’t let things outside of our control dictate our day.


We can’t wait for more fun little family adventures with our girl. Until next time lovelies!

Love Always,



4 thoughts on “Sand Between Her Toes

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  2. Oh my goodness your baby girl is so cute I can’t believe it! I wish it was more like the furthest west coast here near the puget sound! It’s supposed to be upwards of 95 all weekend – ugh.

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