How to Avoid Looking Frumpy in Skirts

Today I have teamed up with two other fabulous bloggers to bring you some tips and tricks to styling skirts! Check out the lovely Corina’s post and all of her maternity  dos and don’ts here:

Corina at Now That I Can Do

We all know that it is incredibly easy to look frumpy and well “blah” in a skirt, especially as moms. Skirts, however, should make you feel pretty and girly. Here are my favorite 3 styling methods to avoid the most common missteps when wearing a skirt.

The High Waist-ed Skirt:


A lot of times women have a “problem area” right in their midsection, so to avoid attracting attention to it I often see shirts worn over a high waist-ed skirt. This actually just makes you look wider, as well as a little frumpy and dumpy (I say this out of love, of course). By doing this I promise you are actually drawing even more attention to that area you’re trying to hide.



Tuck the shirt in! That’s it. You will instantly have a smaller waist and will look like a professional fashion blogger. A little trick I use to keep my shirts tucked in is to wear some spandex or tight little shorts underneath my skirt which I tuck my shirt into; this way my shirt isn’t constantly coming up.


The Maxi Skirt:


Alright that this is super comfortable and therefore very tempting but don’t wear an over-sized cardigan with a maxi skirt. It is not flattering on even the tallest and thinnest supermodel. It’s just too much flow for one outfit. You know what I mean?



Instead wear a jacket or sweater that hits right at the top of your waist. A flowing skirt needs some structure in the jacket. This will be much more slimming and I promise equally as comfortable.


The Fitted Skirt:


I totally realize that the fitted, stretchy skirt can be intimidating after having a baby (nothing ever looks the same), but they can be super cute and incredibly comfy. Wearing them with a loose, long top is not the way to pull them off, however. This makes anyone look awkwardly top-heavy. We have enough insecurities with our bodies after having kids, so I like to avoid making them worse by what I wear.



Take that loose, long, and ever so comfortable shirt and simply front-tuck it. Problem solved! It’s still a little blouse-y, you don’t have skin-tight clothes on from head to toe, but its super flattering!


Now that you’ve read through my styling tips, head on over to this fabulous blog to get even more!

Now That I Can Do

What are some of your favorite ways to style a skirt?

Love Always,



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