Why My Husband and I Didn’t Celebrate Our Anniversary.

You might have noticed over on Instagram that my husband and I’s wedding anniversary was Tuesday; we’ve been married 3 years now. Besides that little post and each of us verbally wishing the other a “Happy Anniversary” we didn’t do a thing to celebrate (I know gasp in shock). My mom even commented, “Wow, you’ve guys are already at the point, huh?” Well my answer is, no; we are not at the point where we don’t care about each other.

We’ve been married a whole 3 years, and yes I am proud of that time together. We have accomplished and been through a lot, however its only 3 years. Is it really necessary to celebrate every. single. year? In all honesty, that sounds a little exhausting. Sometimes in this new world of social media there can be pressure to prove your love to the world. You see couples doing vow renewals, epic vacations, fancy dinners for every occasion in their life and they fill your feed with their gorgeous photos together. It can be easy to feel like if you don’t show the world of social media all your perfect celebrations together then you must not have a stable marriage. I beg to argue the opposite. I love my husband to death and I love our marriage, but I like to think we show our affection and appreciation regularly.


Maybe if we had more financial freedom we would have gone out to a nice dinner and left the little one with a sitter.  Or maybe we would have done the same thing. All I know is that my husband buying me flowers out of expectation and habit isn’t what I want or need to know he loves being married to me. I want to feel loved on the days that don’t matter on the calendar because those moments always seem to be a heck of a lot more memorable. I want authentic little signs of appreciation and love instead of the forced romance because its our anniversary.

What are your thoughts on celebrating anniversaries every year? Do you have any special traditions with your spouse?

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2 thoughts on “Why My Husband and I Didn’t Celebrate Our Anniversary.

  1. I’ve been married five years and we just took our first trip alone as a married couple. The year before that we went about an hour away to stay overnight; I left my small baby with my mother in law and was so anxious I barely enjoyed myself… If I could do it again I probably wouldn’t. We do try to always set aside time for each other for our anniversary just to say “today is ours” but that is normally just putting the kids down early or letting them fend for themselves most of the day. We have those days often anyway.. so on our anniversary we try to spice it up a little by adding wine or a bath together. Planning and going on our 5th-anniversary​ trip was stressful all the way up until we got to the hotel. I can’t imagine trying that (and spending the money) every year.

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  2. I try desperately to try to make a dinner out possible since we never go out without the children. Some years we just make a nice dinner and eat it on the deck while we put the kids in front of a movie. I love to make a big deal of these types of occasions, but I totally agree that it is more about showing love and appreciation every day.

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