A Surprising Compliment

Hello Lovelies!

I just wanted to pop in and say first off that all of you Mommas are amazing and doing a wonderful job at this crazy journey called motherhood (just in case no one has told you today).

The other day I was at Nordstrom buying some makeup with my daughter on my hip (because sometimes the stroller is just not worth the effort). Any who, the clerk was ringing me up when she noticed my daughter smiling at her (Charlotte loves to ham it up for people). She gave out the typical comments that us moms (love to hear but) hear all the time; you know “oh, she’s cute” and etc. And then came THE compliment.

She looked at me and asked, “Is she yours?”

Now at first I was a little taken aback and frankly a little perturbed. Well yes she’s mine I carried her for 9 months, delivered her, and continue to soothe her but of course she looks exactly like her daddy. I, however, simply responded with a polite yes and a smile. Then she proceeded to ask, “Oh my you’re so thin to have a baby this young.”

You guys at first I took it weird but of course smiled and thanked her, and then we went on our way to finish errands. It wasn’t until later that evening that it hit me how much it meant to me to hear that.

I realize that I am naturally on the small side, and I always have been. That being said my body changed a lot in my eyes after having my daughter (keywords being my eyes). My hips spread, I can’t seem to lose the pooch, and don’t even get me started on post-breastfeeding breasts. Sometimes you lose a little bit of your “old” identity after having a baby, and it becomes hard to see past your role as a mom or your new “mom-figure.” This woman assuming my daughter wasn’t mine actually felt great!

She saw me as just me.

She didn’t see the bags, the added weight and width, or the all consuming position of mom. She didn’t see a wife, a dog-mom, or a mom of a baby. She just saw me.

Her comment made me realize that strangers don’t know what I looked like before the baby; they just see now. The outside doesn’t always assume as much as we think. I need to do the same with my body. Forget the past and just see it for what it is now, and love it. Easier said then done but I’m going to try!

What’s the best compliment you have ever heard from a stranger?

Love Always,


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