Sometimes We Can’t Do It All

I’ve been a little MIA lately from my blog and other social media accounts. I’m trying to grow this space of mine on the internet into something more than just hobby, but honestly that is what it is right now. I will be frank with you all tell you that I do get some perks or compensations from time to time for this blog of mine but it is in no way a business for me, and for that reason I feel able to take breaks from time to time.

My first priority in my life will always be my family. I know, I know we always tell our fellow moms to make themselves a priority too but lets be honest with each other for a second. Most moms will say the same thing. Family (kids and hubby) come first before anything else.

I love connecting with you lovelies and sharing my stories, thoughts, opinions, concerns and hearing back from you the same. Sometimes though, life can get a little too overwhelming and somethings gotta give, right? Well social media and my little blog seem to be the easiest to give up in these times of stress or busy-ness, and I think it is because these things are solely for my own benefit.

This little blog makes me happy and allows me to express myself. That’s it. Sure we get cute little perks (again that I love), but my daughter doesn’t know the difference right now and my hubby just smiles at my excitement. They are again just for me. I obviously can’t give up my day job (you know the whole thing motherhood thing), my dog wouldn’t be too pleased to give up her walks, and the hubby likes to eat dinner, so I make the cuts to accommodate.

I love taking care of my little family so for a while it doesn’t feel like much to give up the things I enjoy. Before long, though, I start to miss it. I’m returning to the crazy(er) balancing act to include pieces of my day for me. Sometimes laundry won’t get down right away because I’m taking back some nap times to write this blog and chat through social media. I miss my outlet and more importantly I miss having a little part of my day be just for me.

What is something during your day that you do for you?

Love Always,



5 thoughts on “Sometimes We Can’t Do It All

  1. I love this! I struggle with balancing it all sometimes and need a little break. The only thing I cannot break from is the gym. It is an hour of me in my mind…zoning out or into music. Even if I can only go when the kids are tucked in for the night.

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