What am I Even Doing?

I thought by now that I would have the hang of this whole motherhood thing. 5 months I shouldn’t be winging it on a regular basis, or so I thought.

Man I was SO wrong! You guys pretty much everyday I feel like I am totally making it up as I go. Once I get the hang of  one thing she is moving onto the next! Like I was getting to be a serious pro at bottle feeding her! I had that stuff down pact. Oh but now she’s 5 months so she needs to start being introduced to foods. Um excuse me what?

When should I do it during the day? Let me just rearrange our daily schedule that we just got nailed down to accommodate this. How much food? How much bottle? Led weaning or purees? Pardon me while I go google all of this.

With all the newness that comes with having my first child, its a little nerve-wracking to feel a little out of your element, all. the. time. I guess this will be the most rewarding journey of continuously trying to figure out this new gig of mine. But hey I wouldn’t want it any other way.

What do you Mommas do to cope with all the new stages of your little one? Do you ever feel like you have no idea what you’re doing?

Love Always,



2 thoughts on “What am I Even Doing?

  1. Preach! Thank goodness for Google, my favorite ‘person’ to consult while I lie awake at night wondering about Babystar’s new tricks. I have teenagers but I don’t remember the details. What to feed her, when to feed it, all that jazz. And you are right–as soon as I’ve got it figured out, she changes it up!

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