Father’s Day and What They Really Want

My husband and I don’t currently have much in terms of money for gifts and things like that. We are a single income family and so with Father’s Day approaching I was feeling very guilty that I wouldn’t be able to afford to get him something nice. In a perfect world where we had endless amounts of money I would love to be able to buy him things that he has been wanting for a while but never gets himself. In this scenario I could get him a chainsaw (yes this really is something that he is dying to have), new tires for his truck, a special fishing or hunting trip, dinner at his favorite restaurant and the list just goes on and on. We can’t afford any of that, or much of anything small either. I was at a lost as to what to do to make him feel special.

I ended up breaking down and talking to him about everything and his response was so sweet and so genuine.

My wonderful husband of mine told me this

“I just want to spend time with my girls, and see them smile.”


DSC_0216 (2)

This really made me stop and reflect. The gifts we shower the dad’s in our lives shouldn’t be what this day is about. The day is meant to show the person that they are loved, appreciated, and special.

This Father’s Day feel free if you are able to spoil the man in your life (I know I will when we are able), but also make sure to spoil them with love too. Show them with actions and words just how much he is needed and wanted.

What do you lovelies have planned for Sunday?

Love Always,



7 thoughts on “Father’s Day and What They Really Want

  1. Yes! My post today was on this very idea. We are doing a simple day at home – that’s all he wants. A day with his family. Sounds like we have some great guys! Happy Father’s Day to yours!

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