When You’re Raising Book Worms

This is a sponsored post however the opinions in this post are entirely my own.

Before having my little wiggle worm I always dreamed of having books upon books for my children. Our own little library if you will with a corner or wall lined with shelves for all of our family books. Lets just say the “library scene” from Beauty and the Beast was always my absolute favorite! Now that I have my daughter I couldn’t wait to get started on building her collection.

DSC_0406 (2)

We started with my childhood favorites which my parents (my dad mainly) dug out from the attic and gave to me while I was pregnant. I was lucky enough to also receive books instead of cards for my baby shower, so we were off to a great start. Then when I started shopping myself or looking through the library I realized that there are a lot of awful children’s books. I don’t mean inappropriate but rather just terribly written with overly simplistic plots, poor writing, or just no purpose at all to the book. Even after taking a Children’s Literature class for my education degree I was a little stumped with so many different options. Then I discovered something truly amazing!


Book Roo

It is a monthly subscription box where they send either 2 picture books or 3 board books for your little ones. Besides not having to go anywhere to get books (which is pretty awesome with a 5 month old), the books are awesome and unique! They research and survey to find books that are outside the norm and not your everyday classics but they also make sure to find books that will stimulate your child(ren). Score!


In our box this month we received 2 picture books (I opted for the picture books right now because she’s still just looking at the pictures). I had never heard of or seen these books which is exciting for me and they were awesome!


This little gem is bright and full of adorable little illustrations which grabbed her attention. The story and lesson taught in this book are also great for your little one of any age. Not to be a spoiler but the little bird learns to love himself just the way he is despite being different. I could definitely see this being a favorite for years to come.

DSC_0459 (2)DSC_0453DSC_0442DSC_0436 (2)DSC_0439

Max’s Castle

This book has it all! An exciting story filled with imagination, spelling lessons hidden throughout and riveting illustration to keep your little one engaged. Three brothers go off on a daring adventure after building a castle out of letter blocks. The words in the blocks transform throughout the story to get them out of perilous predicaments. This one I could see being great for a little boy who isn’t easily entertained with books.


If any of you lovelies are interested in Book Roo for yourself or as a gift I have a $10 0ff coupon code just for my followers!

Use SAMARR at Checkout for $10 0ff your Subscription


 Let me know what you all think of Book Roo and tell me your all time favorite children’s book in the comments below!

Love Always,



3 thoughts on “When You’re Raising Book Worms

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  2. Oh, we love books in our house! I too envisioned Belle’s library for my daughter (and myself)! And we’re getting pretty close. This book subscription service looks great! Such fun picks!

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