When All Else Fails: Make Your Baby Smile

Being an adult is fricken’ awesome sometimes! You have freedom to make your own decisions, you make your own bedtime (every toddlers dream), you get to lay next to the one you love, and you get to make a family of your own. All of these things are great! But seriously some days I just wish I could go back to the times when my only worries were finding the perfect spot for hide-n-seek, begging my mom for yummier treats in my lunch and picking out which CD to listen to.

Life gets hard sometimes.

Life gets real sometimes.

Life sucks sometimes.

There are days when I just want to stay under the covers and pretend like all of the things in life stressing me out don’t exist. Between money issues and  lack of a day care for this fall, life can seem real suck-y.

Then I hear my baby monitor go off and I listen to my sweet little girl giggle and make noises in her crib. Everything slips away.

She smiles real big as I lean over her crib. She kicks and wiggles in excitement to start her day, and I wonder how I ever thought my life was anything but amazing. That little girl is the light in mine and her daddy’s life.

All of the worry and stress from finances, upcoming changes, apartment living, etc fade away when I make my little girl smile or even giggle.

So Momma I know life sucks sometimes, and I know it can get really hard. Just remember to go snuggle your little one (even if they’re not so little) and make them smile. It’s the best medicine in the world.

A baby’s smile can cure anything.

Love Always,


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23 thoughts on “When All Else Fails: Make Your Baby Smile

  1. YES!!! My husband left for a deployment and my baby has made me cope so well. He smiles, laughs, coos, and walks like a mummy, BUT it’s the best. I don’t have a reason to be sad because I have a little buddy who keeps me happy!

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  2. What a sweet, sweet smile! Yes, I agree, baby smiles can make it all feel better. When my kiddos were still in cribs, my favorite part of the day was going in to get them in the morning and watching their faces light up.


  3. This is so true! Every time I hear my son chatting away to himself in his cot or see him smiling to himself I forget all of our problems. You are so right – a baby’s smile can cure anything! 🙂

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