The Fears of Leaving My Baby at Daycare


Come the start of this next school year I will (finally) start student teaching in order to complete my Degree and become a credentialed teacher. Let me just say that this has been a long time coming (7 years by the time I’m done!), but finishing school also means having to put Charlotte into Daycare. This is a constant, daily mental struggle of being so excited to finally finish up my degree, and absolutely dreading the day I have to leave her with someone else.

I have always pictured myself being a working mom; I thrive on being busy. Never did I ever imagine or comprehend just how hard it would be to leave my little girl in order to be that working mom. To be honest just writing this post makes me upset.

Because this whole process isn’t stressful enough, let’s add the fact that horror stories about babies and children at day cares circulate the internet on the daily. This gives proof that there is a legitimate concern when finding the right place for your child.

Part of me honestly just wants to give up and stay with her. I don’t want to leave her, and the thought of leaving her with someone that I just met is terrifying. Why even go through all of these? I’ll just stay home…oh wait we hardly make it by as a single income family. Oh and I have dreams and desires too. And I want to be a role model for my daughter that she can accomplish anything. And all the student loans would be for nothing. And I would be able to provide her so much more with an income of my own. And the list goes on and on. For me going back to school so that I can have a career is just what makes sense in the bigger picture. I want my daughter to thrive and in order for her to be able to do that I need to be happy so that I’m the best Momma I can be.

All of the pros still doesn’t make this any easier. I’m dreading that first day, but at the same time I’m excited. I can’t even begin to wrap my head around these contrasting emotions. More to come on this later I’m sure as the day approaches and through my constant search for the right day care.

How did you lovelies handle the transition to daycare?

Love Always,



13 thoughts on “The Fears of Leaving My Baby at Daycare

  1. As we creep up on the end of the school year, I am realizing that my maternity leave is almost up. I am also a teacher, so I will be leaving the baby in daycare in September. I really like the daycare we chose, but boy, that first week will be rough. The one good thing about your first couple years of teaching is that you are too busy during the day to think of anything else. Good luck! I know you can do it.

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  2. I can so relate! as much as I’d give to go back & atleast stay home the first year, I knew I would be a working mom. I stressed & stressed over interviewing people until finally someone from my local mom group sent me the name of a stay at home mom who was willing to watch a few kids. After meeting her, I knew she was the right fit (always follow your intuition). Licensing and such didn’t bother me because of costs & hassle… We ended up parting ways due to her children’s very scary medical concerns & them needing her at appointments often so, we were blessed again that a friend I met through the same mom group was a sahm who watched kids & had a couple going off to school. I’ve always preferred the in home setting with personal care but it’s important to find what’s most important to YOU. I made a list of things I wanted & then a list of things I could compromise on… New mom syndrome at the time made me ultra picky on some things that weren’t a deal breaker. Good luck mama! It eventually does get easier for you both.

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    • Thank you so much! I’m so happy to hear that you were able to find someone you love 2 times! I think the license thing wouldn’t bother me if I knew the person or someone I trust knew them personally you know? We will find someone soon I’m sure. (I hope)

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  3. I think that the fear can follow you anywhere, no matter which decision you make. It is the part about motherhood that no one can truly prepare you for: every decision can be agony, because there is SO much love wrapped up in that little human of ours. We just want to get it right! As a student mama, working mama, and now stay-at-home-mama, I can honestly share that I have worried over every choice I’ve ever made in the past seven years. Hugs to you! Follow your heart — all will be well.

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  4. Both of my kids went to full-day daycare for a few years while I taught. There are truly a lot of positive aspects to it. Both of my children learned to be around other kids and learned that mommy and daddy will come back each day. It was hard on me at first, but I don’t regret it. Good luck with your decision and with teaching!

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  5. I get it! It’s so hard. But in the end, if it is the right thing for your family, it’ll be just fine. When I looked for care for my son, I did a bunch of research in the community. I looked at community parenting boards and asked around. I even used Yelp. Though not totally reliable ways of finding out how good or bad a place is, you can at least get some specific stories from people and make a more informed choice. And I visited each place with a list of questions that were important to me. This all helped put me at ease. After all was said and done, daycare was (and now preschool is) a wonderful thing for our family! My son got social interaction from other kids, his circle of love grew, and we had interesting things to talk about at the end of the day. Good luck! And try to enjoy student teaching—it’s so fun! (I was a teacher for a while and LOVED my credential program.)

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  6. I can totally relate, leaving your baby behind will be hard. I say this even when my mom takes care of my daughter. But I think it is only normal to miss them, a ton! Just remind yourself of all the amazing reasons why youre doing it. Not just for yourself but for your little one too! Hugs

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  7. It is very emotional. I cried for days and I even switched my son’s daycare after a couple months because the first one wasn’t feeling right and I am so, so , so glad I did. He absolutely loves his new daycare. Well it is not new anymore, he’s been there at least a year and they just love on him all the time, he gets to play with kids his own age and they have the funnest park. I still miss him all the time but I know he is in good hands.

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  8. I totally cried when I dropped our first off, and the second, and the third for their first daycare day. But, I know for me I’m a better mom because I work. I am a teacher, so I touch a lot of lives in my day, and I have my summers, so I kind of get the stay at home vibe then!

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