My First Mother’s Day

My husband is a very simple man and also a very typical man (i.e not always the most thoughtful and slightly oblivious). Leading up to Mother’s Day I was getting a little disappointed when everyone kept asking him what we had planned for the day (it was my first one with Charlotte), and he repeatedly responded with things like “I don’t know”, “nothing yet” and “I have no idea.” My feelings were a little hurt to be honest that he hadn’t put in any thought; I am already thinking and planning his first Father’s Day after all so why hasn’t he been doing the same?

The “big” day came and my daughter woke up early and was cranky but my husband let me stay in bed and took her and our dog to the store. I had a feeling he was off to get me flowers because he’s good about that for other days like my birthday and our anniversary, but I stayed in bed and relaxed and never let on that I knew. He came home with a sleeping baby, flowers and Starbucks! Just the added the thought of a nice coffee was thoughtful for my dear husband. Then to my surprise he made me pancakes, from scratch (like with no bisquick!) and they were delicious


It was cloudy and overcast here, plus it rained the night before, so the picnic that I had wanted was not in the cards. He suggested a walk at a park I rarely get to go to since most of the paths are secluded and I don’t like walking them alone. It was absolutely amazing. There were hardly other people due to the weather, my dog got to go off and do her thing as we went, and my daughter was very well behaved. Most importantly it was relaxing and calming. My husband and I were just able to talk about anything and about nothing, something we rarely have time to do these days. There is always something that needs to be discussed or decided upon so leisurely conversations just don’t seem to happen much.

The rest of the day was spent at home and while my husband’s thoughtfulness sort of ran out (probably due to him being exhausted and dreading the work week), that morning was better than any extravagantly planned out day. My husband is sweet and loving in a way that is all his own, and I realized that’s why I fell in love with him. There is no over the top production with him; he does things his way and usually last minute but its always more fun that way. More importantly, he puts thought into making me happy. It may not be the kind of thought you see in the movies or the kind that you can brag to friends about but its the kind that means something. I’ll take my simple, thoughtful husband over a social media worthy surprise, any day.

It’s the love behind the gesture that means something, not the gesture itself.

How was your Mother’s Day? What did you and your family do for the day?

Love Always,




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