DIY Card Booklet

After Charlotte’s 2 baby showers I knew I wanted to keep her cards from everyone but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with them. I knew I didn’t want them thrown into the bottom of a box like most other cards I keep (hello our wedding cards). I came up with this little idea so that I would be able to easily look through them and read all of her sweet messages from family and friends.

I started with 2 pieces of card stock and picked out the largest card to measure the size I needed to cut covers. (I wanted to make sure that none of the cards stuck out the sides.) With my paper cutter I cut both the front and back cover, so that they were slightly larger than the biggest card. I then cut a little rectangle, in the solid paper, so that I could write a little title. I also had to cut the rectangle smaller after I wrote out the title because I am terrible at centering anything! Glue your little title on the cover and now its time to put it together!


Next I cut two pieces of ribbon (way longer than what was necessary…oops). I took a three-hole punch and lined up the cards to the bottom so that all the holes would easily line up.

Loop the ribbon through the back cover and then through each card individually. Attach the front cover and tie cute little bows in the ribbon. Make sure you don’t tie the loops so tight to where you can’t look through your cards. I also took a little bit of glue and dabbed it on the bows so that they would stay tied.


And Ta-Da!! All done!


Hope you guys enjoy and are able to do something with all those cards lying around! I’m planning on making one for her first year too, with all of her first holiday cards.

Love Always,



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