A Little Naptime Project

I had this little DIY project that I’ve been wanting to do for a little while now and Sunday all the stars aligned so that I could do it. The apartment was (pretty) clean, the hubby was napping and the little one was napping; perfect timing! 

I took one Charlotte’s empty formula cans (yes we’re supplementing because that’s what works best for us) and peeled the label off. You could also use an old coffee can too. Next I went through my supply of scrapbook paper (I have an impulse problem to always buy it when it goes on sale at Michaels) and picked out the pattern that would work in her room. I measured the height of the can and used my paper cutter to cut the paper accordingly. I also needed a little extra strip to cover a piece in the back because my page wasn’t long enough to wrap all the way around. Once that was done I took Mod Podge and applied a little at a time and slowly pressed the paper around the can. (Make sure to pull tight to avoid bubbling). Once I got all the way around I attached my small piece to cover the gap and applied a little more Mod Podge on the seams to close it up. Almost done! 

 Next I painted the lid grey to match with the paper and simply used some acrylic paint I had (again another sale at Michaels). I took sharpie and wrote out Pacifiers on the front in my most decorative font (I realize now it would have been easier if I had done this step before applying the paper to the can; live and learn.) Once the paint dried on the life I stashed her pacifiers and accessories (clips for pacifiers) in the can and put the lid on it. Now let’s hope we don’t lose so many now (I highly doubt that but s girl can dream right?) 

P.S I did rinse the can and washed it with hot soapy water before starting this craft. 

 Happy crafting ladies! 

Love Always, 



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