DIY Photo Collage Letter

How to Make the Photo Collage Letter

As you saw in my previous post I made a photo collage “C” for my daughter’s room. For my project I used all photos of her playing in order to remind myself every day of my mother’s promise to be actively engaged in playtime. Below is a step by step guide on how I made mine (don’t worry I included pictures because I myself am a visual learner).

Step 1:

Decide on your color scheme and select photos.

I went with the two of the colors featured in my daughter’s room, but you could always go with just a solid color background as well. I decided to do my photos in black and white because her toys are so many different crazy colors that they would all clash with each other and the background colors. I decided to print wallet sizes because I didn’t want to worry about them not fitting on the letter.

Step 2:

Gather supplies.

At most craft stores and most Walmart stores, they have cardboard letters. I used this because I like the three-dimension look of these over wood, plus its much lighter weight to hang. Next pick up the paint you need, pretty much any paint will do but I used a satin finish acrylic paint. Nest you will need a few different paint brushes, a small one for the edges of the lines, a thicker one for painting the large areas, and another medium size brush or sponge for the modge podge. So obviously you will need modge podge as well, and something to hang it with to the wall (anything will work really nails, command hooks, you decide). The final piece of supplies you will need is your printed photos and a way to cut them (I used a paper cutter for straight edges and then scissors later to cut along the letter).


Step 3:

Start Painting.

Pick your base color and paint at least two coats; letting each coat dry first before moving onto the next one.


Step 4:

Paint Design (stripes, polka dots, etc.).

For the stripes painters’ tape would be the easiest way to get sharp, clean lines, but I honestly was trying to do this for the smallest cost possible so I used a good old fashioned ruler and sketched lines in pencil. Then use a small paint brush to do the edges and fill in the rest. For this I did three coats, but my stripe color was yellow so it needed more coats.


Step 5:

Cut photos’ edges off and place around letter as desired.

My wallets came on a sheet of four so I used my paper cutter to cut the edges off of the photos. Layout your photos on your letter until you find what works best for you.


Step 6:

Apply Mod Podge

Picking up one photo at a time brush mod podge on the back and stick back down onto the letter. Try not to bump the pictures because until they dry, the photos will slide around fairly easily. Repeat this step with all of your photos.

Step 7:

Clean up edges of photos.

Once the Mod Podge is dry cut any bit of the photos that are hanging over the edge of the letter. Make sure whatever you are using to do this is very sharp, otherwise you will have sloppy edges on your pictures.


Step 8:

Hang and Enjoy!


The Mothers Promise campaign is in affiliation with Pampers Premium sponsored by Walmart.


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