My Mother’s Promise to Charlotte

This post is in affiliation with Pampers Premium sponsored by Walmart. Although I was compensated for this material the opinions presented are entirely my own.

There are so many things I would promise myself while pregnant that I would do, but now that my little girl is a reality a lot of these have fallen out of reach due to the struggles of everyday life. I want to make sure that there is one promise (#motherspromise) that I stick to which is to always have active playtime with all of my little ones.

What do I mean by “active playtime?”

I want to put the phone down and be completely present

I don’t ever want to be too proud to climb all around the playground

I will do art projects with my children, even when I’m fearful of the mess

Baking will be something fun for all of us

I promise to Charlotte and my future little ones that they will have plenty of memories when they are old and grown of smiles and laughter with their momma (and daddy).

This is my Mother’s Promise.

DSC_0010 (2)DSC_0013 (2)DSC_0153DSC_0157

I created this “C” decoration for her wall in order to remind myself of this promise each and every day (see upcoming post on how I created it.). This will keep my mother’s promise front and center for those days when I’m feeling tired and lazy. Plus as an added bonus I happen to think it looks pretty cute in her room, especially since I’m still finishing up decorating it.


Another way I plan to keep this promise to my daughter is by putting her in diapers which give her the comfort to play for longer due to an absorb away liner. Pampers Premium diapers allow for MUCH less blow-out diapers which means she can keep that smile on her face while playing. I have to admit too that my hard and tough logger husband has very sensitive skin (don’t tell him I spilled his secret) and so having Pampers Premium be hypoallergenic is a huge peace of mind for me (again another stress off the table so that I can just concentrate on playing with my little girl). When the diaper is full I can scoop her up before a tantrum due to the wetness indicator and then we can continue right along with the good times. Pick up Pampers Premium for your little one, in order to take one less stress off your mind and make your mother’s promise easier to keep, at your local Walmart or at


What’s your Mother’s Promise to your little one(s)?

Love Always,



6 thoughts on “My Mother’s Promise to Charlotte

  1. How cute! And that’s a great promise. I also feel the same way, though I think we too have to be kind to ourselves and know that we won’t be able to be 100% present at every single waking moment of our children’s lives. I know there will be times that I have to do something for myself or for work while she is awake, and that has to be okay and I have to be okay with it. How old is yours? Mine is 3.5 months old, so right now I do spend all of her awake time doting to her every need, reading her books, talking to her, and playing with her. I get a bit of mom guilt when I’m not. I’m working on not feeling so guilty if I let her play by herself for a few minutes, because individual playtime is important too. Sorry I’m having an internal struggle here in your blog comment. Ha!

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    • I completely agree! Charlotte is 2 months and feel some serious guilt of I’m not with her constantly. I try to allot time during the day where am totally focused on her. We read too and play! But I do put her in her little seat or under her mobile in her crib (she loves that thing) so I can get stuff done. I always just want to make sure that at some point during the day in focused on her which I know will get harder as she gets older. You shouldn’t feel guilty at all when you do things for yourself or simply house chores. You’re right when you said independent play is good! And we are better moms when we also take care of us. Sorry mine was super long too! And I loved your comment it’s so true and something I also struggle with at this age


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