Charlotte’s Two Month Update

I cannot believe that my little peanut is already two months old!! She is growing so fast and learning new things everyday. 
Let’s start with the horrible two month check up. I say horrible because oh my goodness three shots in one appointment is rough on both of us. I know these are so beneficial and important but I hate seeing her get so upset. Plus I have always been a little extra sensitive to vaccines than most so I usually don’t feel great for a day or two after, and it looks like my little Charlotte has that same trait. We have had a lot of snuggle time over the last day and a half. 

Besides the doctors appointment, this second month has been a lot of fun! She is making all sorts of new noises with a lot of cooing and still those zombie like grunts constantly. She smiles so much these days, but her daddy gets the smiles way more than momma. (Um kid I’m the one feeding you and changing all those dirty diapers so can I get a smile too?) Oh dads have it good at this age, don’t they? She loves to practice standing with mommy or daddy supporting her, and a lot of the time now it is the only way to get her to stop crying (needless to say my arms are killing me!) She likes to swing her arms at her toys and her favorites are the ones that jingle when they swing. Tummy time is no longer very fun for her because she tends to get frustrated that she can’t move her head around easily but we are getting closer and closer to rolling over each time. We are eating anywhere from 4 to 6 ounces of milk each feeding and mommy is struggling to keep up with the little piggie these days. 

I can’t wait to see what the next month brings us and it’s crazy to think that in just two short months she has grown and changed so much! She’s my smart little girl who definitely has her mothers sass and her daddy’s stubbornness! 

Love Always, 



6 thoughts on “Charlotte’s Two Month Update

  1. Oh they just grow up so fast! It’s crazy! You have to enjoy every minute. My LO will be 4 months tomorrow and I’m just so sad lol but excited to see his growth

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