Buying for Baby on a Budget

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So I’m a college student (on a bit of a break with baby but I start again with an online class over the summer) and my husband is a (very hardworking) logger which means we are on a tight budget until I am able to start working (in about a year and a half). Logging is variable in terms of how consistently he works every week, from equipment breaking, high winds, or fire season it seems like there is always hours missing from his paychecks. We just recently had a beautiful little girl Charlotte Autumn, and I, of course, want her to have all sorts of pretty little things along with all of the obvious baby necessities. Here I am going to share with you some of my secrets  I have learned along the way to save money but not compromise.

Let’s start off with some ways to save on a few of the basics. First thing to do is to register, even if you aren’t planning on having a shower (which you should!) because most places offer you with a set of goodies just for creating a registry! I created one at Target and Babies R Us. With both we received  a ton of coupons for a lot of great items, plus most of those coupons were good for like 9 months! More specifically with the Target registry I also got a MAM bottle and pacifier, sample lotion, and target specific coupons for maternity clothes and nursing bras (bonus: Target’s came in a cute little reusable bag perfect for lunches!). Alright and Babies R Us gave us several different formula samples, and store specific coupons. Side note: I had always planned to breastfeed or at least pump but I did stock pile some free fromula samples just in case I had to supplement at any point.  Babies R Us also has the reward program with Toys R Us so that way you get some money back with everything you buy for baby plus there registry comes with a 5% back e-gift card (learn more about their program by visiting a store). Another great thing about Babies R Us is that they price match, including their own online prices!! That’s how I got my stroller for a steal because it was full price in store but on sale online.

For other great deals on the necessities check out Costco! We got a great convertible car seat for only $90! Plus one thing we did was buy one box of diapers with each paycheck so that way they didn’t feel like such a huge expensive all at once. Costco also has a great return policy so it was peace of mind knowing we could exchange for different sizes as needed without any hassle. Other items we bought at Costco were Honest Company shampoo and body wash (its a 2 pack of huge bottles for $14.99!), a forehead thermometer, prenatal vitamins, and carters outfits.

Now like I said before having a little girl makes you want to buy all sorts of cute little outfits and accessories, and these things get pretty stinking expensive at the typical baby store. I found that Marshalls and TJ Maxx were seriously my best friend! I found so many great name brand outfits, mostly Carter’s, for a steal! Plus we bought all of her blankets, some cute little shoes, socks, tights, and hair bows (I just bought several 3 packs of Carter’s bows for $.99 each!!). I also scored a great nursing cover here for only $7. Here are just a few of the cute things we found:


Another place to find great prices is baby resale shops. A lot of times you can find things that are brand new with tags still on it for a fraction of the price! It takes a little more effort and time to shop these places but it is definitely worth it.

One last note is to utilize Target’s sales and cart wheel app. You should be able to combine a cartwheel deal, target coupon, and manufacturers coupons so take advantage and save!

What are some of the ways you saved with baby?

Love Always,


P.S I used other methods but in order to write an entire novel I narrowed this post down to main methods I used, but feel free to ask about other ways I saved.


11 thoughts on “Buying for Baby on a Budget

  1. She is the cutest thing! Love her outfits. I’m currently pregnant with our first and we just started on a baby registry. It’s more for us to just have a compiled list of everything we need/want and oh my goodness, the costs added up SO quickly! I’ll definitely be using these tips to save!

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    • They really do add up fast! We bought things overtime too and that really helped! Don’t wait until the last minute and we also didn’t worry about buying the things that won’t be used right away, like sippy cups, plates, toys for older babies, etc


    • I’m glad you found this helpful and congratulations! Some other ways to save is there always great coupons in parenting magazines and at motherhood maternity for things like car seat canopies and nursing pillows. The other thing I saved on was I avoided buying nursery specific furniture. IKEA has some great things and you can see what I used in a previous post all about Charlotte’s nursery.


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