Dressing for Those First Weeks Postpartum


 Let’s just be honest here for a second, your body right after having baby may as well be a foreign object! Like seriously, are you sure this is my body?! The day after having my daughter when I finally went into to take a shower I took a second to look in the mirror at myself, and wow I was a little in shock. I know everyone tells you and warns you that your body will never be the same, that it will take more than 9 months to get it back, etc. I, like probably most first time moms, shrugged off these wise warnings and figured “that wont happen to me; I’m different.” I could just slap myself for being so naive! I still looked about 6 months pregnant for at least 2 weeks after having my baby.

Needless to say dressing this new figure can be a bit of struggle. I was determined to not wear my maternity clothes any longer (this was a personal thing but I just felt self-conscious and frankly bad about myself just thinking about wearing maternity styles postpartum). Alright so no maternity stuff, check. The only problem with this is that none of my jeans fit…umm  can’t go to those doctor appointments in my underwear!! Thankfully I had bought a pair of relaxed jeans at LOFT on clearance two sizes up from my pre-baby size while I was still pregnant (hello I found them for like 12 dollars!). These were seriously a life saver; it felt good to wear something that buttoned and zipped even if it took two weeks to finally get into them. I’m not going to lie here I was sore and stiff and even this lover of all things denim did not find jeans appealing until some of the soreness wore off. The first little bit revolved around leggings (are these not a mom’s best friend?) and loose fitting dresses. Here are some of my outfits during the first couple of weeks home with baby:



Another thing I struggled with is those days where I never even left the house, which for the majority of them and even still are frequently occurring. Getting a newborn out the door is serious struggle, and one that just isn’t always worth it. One thing that made me feel a little more human on these long stretches of being at home, was making the effort to get out of pajamas and into normal (comfy) clothes. I tried to take a minute to brush my hair and teeth, put moisturizer and mascara on, and get dressed. Now some days that just meant leggings and a clean t-shirt and others were a bit more put together. I knew we weren’t going anywhere and that my husband loved me no matter what I was wearing when I got home, but I felt better about myself when I took just 5 minutes to put myself together for the day, and let me tell you anything to lift my spirit when it came to myself was/is a welcome feeling.



Accepting my postpartum figure has been a struggle filled with a lot of ups and downs, with a lot of downs those first few weeks. The “baby blues” played a big part in that, but also the fact that my body has never looked anything like it does now. I try to remind myself on those “bad” days that my body nourished, grew, and then gave birth to my pretty little girl; that is a huge accomplishment. Some days I am proud of that fact and I can fully embrace this new body of mine, but not everyday allows for those positive feelings and a simple reminder helps picks me back up (most of the time).

So fellow moms I offer a “toast”:

here’s to embracing our postpartum figures and acknowledging what our bodies have accomplished! Here’s to be okay with not loving our new self everyday but always loving our sweet babies! Here’s to being supportive of each other as moms whether we lose the baby weight in 2 weeks, 6 months, 2 years or never! And here’s to loving ourselves no matter what and loving our sweet little ones!



Love Always,




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