Charlotte’s One Month Update!!

How is she already a month old!?

DSC_0279 (2)

They weren’t lying when they said that time would fly by with your newborn! I cannot wrap my head around the fact that she is actually a month old already and she has grown and changed so much in that short time. From a little newborn who literally did nothing but sleep, poop, eat, and cry to a little peanut that makes all sorts of noises and still eats, poops, and sleeps most of her days (Hey, she’s still newborn after all). This little girl grunts and groans like nobody’s business and frankly I think she sounds like a little zombie fit for “The Walking Dead.” (But with that said I love her little noises!) She has definitely found her voice in other ways as well; man can this girl scream! We do not need to worry about the health of her lungs or vocal chords (that’s a relief, right?).

DSC_0265 (2)DSC_0283 (2)DSC_0262 (2)DSC_0270 (2)

My first slightly embarrassing (at least for me) mom moment happened in the Target restroom not too long ago (of course it happened in Target because what mom doesn’t go to Target whenever possible!). So this little one needed a diaper change when we arrived (remember pooping is one of the few “activities” she partakes in regularly), well of course we went straight into the restroom to use their changing table. Now I don’t know about all Targets but at this one the changing table is literally right in front of the door when you walk in, so everyone can see you struggling with your wiggly newborn. Well being a ladies restroom there was quiet a bit of traffic, however it was sort of awkwardly silent inside, except for of course my sweet little Charlotte just grunting and groaning away for everyone to hear. Now I know this is completely normal but I have to admit that in a quiet place these usually adorable noises seem so much louder! To top off my little experience I was leaving the restroom, stroller in tow (and I haven’t mastered the whole opening a door with a stroller thing yet), and a group of teen girls just stood and stared as I struggled to fit my butt and stroller through the doorway while attempting to keep the door open. Ugh teenagers sometimes!! It brought up some new mom insecurities but after some reassuring from the hubby that night we have moved on and are getting better with the whole door thing.

Besides all of her new noises she is making her other new habit is that she sticks her little tongue out constantly!! Now mommy has tried to tell her that this entirely not lady like but she just doesn’t seem to listen (I wonder why? Haha). After a feeding, before a feeding, while doing tummy time it never fails that little tongue is going to make an appearance! But hey I love seeing her cute little face when she does it!

DSC_0297 (2)DSC_0276 (2)

She makes all different sorts of faces (especially when trying to use the bathroom) but her favorite is a little cranky scowl, which I’m pretty sure she got from her daddy because that is his favorite expression also!

Other notable characteristics:

She loves tummy time

She can lift and turn her head

While being burped she loves to lift her head

She doesn’t know what to make of daddy’s beard yet

She loves to grab onto daddy’s chest hair

P.S. Sorry for the long rant this post is to share with everyone but also to take note for myself of how she grows and changes.

Love Always,



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