DIY Newborn Photos

Alright so first off let me start by saying that I was spoiled for Christmas by my hubby with a new camera; he said it was so he would have pretty pictures of his little girl to look at when he got home from work (he’s a sweetie). He bought me (for a killer deal by the way, I proud of his shopping for this one) a Nikon 3300 in a pretty red and let me tell you I love it!! It is so easy to use and it has so many settings to make taking photos in almost every situation super easy for a novice like me. Check out the camera I used here.

I took my pictures over a series of a few days because with a newborn I found that there is a short window of opportunity where she isn’t wiggling or crying. Plus I did them myself so I didn’t have help keeping her calm, plus I had stuff to get done around the house (even though I would rather stare and take pictures of my pretty girl all day). Okay and let’s be real I will take so many more pictures of this little girl; I’m most definitely not done! I found that I had to take a bunch of pictures to get the lighting and settings to work the way I wanted and to get the facial expressions I was looking for. When in doubt take the shot! There were so many pictures I loved but the lighting was dark, and all I did was use the photo editing software that comes with the new windows 10 to lighten them up and they look great!

I found the lighting was best in her room when it was partly cloudy outside with some sunlight. When it was totally overcast her room was way to dark and when it was completely sunny she got  washed out and the photos looked harsh. The photos with the pink bow was one of those in between days. Also I didn’t use my flash much for these but instead lightened them up after the fact. I didn’t like the way they were turning out with the flash. Most of these photos were taken on a blanket on her glider. I want more pictures with her big sister (our dog Minnie) but the pooch wasn’t cooperating great that day (she had too many wiggles).

One thing I have been a little obsessed with honestly is getting photos of her little features. I mean seriously she will never have ears this small again and I want to be able to look back and see her pretty little feet and lips in pictures too. These have been a challenge for me to get an angle that I like (I’m trying to be a little artsy here but come on I am a total newbie at this photo taking business.

We got some cute pictures with grandma before she went home but now I just have to talk the husband into taking some pictures of him and I with her this weekend. Wish me luck!

I would love any tips and tricks from you all! Any help is well appreciated!

Love Always,



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