Foodie Adventure in Portland

Alright so since my due date is Thursday the hubby and I decided to take a morning trip to Portland to try out this place for breakfast (seriously we drove 45 minutes for food talk about pregnancy cravings!). I am obsessed with Food Network and have seen this joint featured on shows (I think it was Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives but I’m not positive) and ever since we saw their food we having been dying to try it!! So the place is called Pine State Biscuits and man was it worth the drive! If you are ever in the city of Portland make sure to try this place for breakfast or even lunch. We went to their location on Division Street and we both agreed that the neighborhood itself was awesome and filled with great little shops and restaurants; nothing lacking in Portland quirk and charm.


If it wasn’t 25 degrees outside and windy we would have totally walked the neighborhood and checked more of it out but seriously my face hurt. We both want to take another trip to look further into what’s around Pine State (with the baby next time of course!).

Alright so onto the food. It was delicious!!! We ordered what is called the Moneyball with sausage gravy (they have a mushroom option). So basically this an order of biscuit and gravy but the added bonus is that it comes with, wait for it… an over easy egg on top (yum, I know)! Since I’m 9 months pregnant of course I had to order a piece of fried chicken on the side so that I could truly enjoy all of the amazing-ness of this place! Everything was delicious! We also ordered two lemonades (which is legit lemonade made from lemons not powder or concentrate!) and our total was under $15!! That’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me!


Further down Division Street is another Portland staple worth checking out: Stumptown Coffee. Their coffee is uh-mazing and believe me we know good coffee here in the Pacific Northwest! It’s available in select grocery stores here in the Willamette Valley but it definitely tastes better from the source. Make sure to try their cold brew it is to-die-for! There is also a location right in downtown so there are plenty of opportunities to try out this local favorite.


We finished up our very chilly morning with a walk at Mt. Tabor park, it was short lived, however because again my face seriously hurt from the cold. This park has a spectacular view of the city and a ton of hiking and biking trails along with a cute playground area. It’s a great escape right in the city, another great gem of Portland.


All in all we had a fun mini adventure in Portland. The city has a lot to offer and there are so many other places we want to explore (and food we want to eat, like a lot more food to try). I have to say I love this beautiful state we live in.

P.S I know no fashion or pretty things in this post but hey our little adventures are one of favorite aspects of my life and I promised to share a little bit of everything.

Love Always,




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