Christmas Eve in the Snow


Well we had no chance at a white Christmas at home so we decided to go to the snow instead on Christmas Eve!! Living in Oregon we did not have to go very far (especially since this winter has been crazy already!). The drive out was absolutely beautiful! If you haven’t spent time in Western Oregon in the winter I recommend it! The views are like no other!


We pulled off a side road and let our crazy, little four-legged girl go crazy! She absolutely loves the snow, and her favorite game is trying to catch snowballs! It was much needed family time just the three of us before our new, precious little girl joins us (shortly, hopefully). It was an easy little afternoon, filled with lots of laughs and soooo many pictures, like seriously it was a little crazy how many we took!

It was a good thing we left when we did though the hubby saw the snow coming and we drove home through a pretty good amount of snow falling (nothing too bad we were safe). Here’s my handsome husband by the way, I just can’t resist because I love this photo of him oh so much!


Well to finish up let me tell you a little bit about what I wore to enjoy our snow day. I layered a long sleeve thermal (which is pretty snug these days!) under my maternity flannel. Layered a scarf I got last year from a boutique in Medford and my favorite red wool coat (it’s a few years old but I found it at Alloy). My headband is from Forever 21 and it is my favorite place to get cute accessories for a steal! My shoes were not ideal but hey we live in a valley and hardly get snow! With two wool socks on I managed just fine, though. Combat boots are always a girls best friend for adventures!

Share some of your Christmas memories in the comments below!!

Love Always,



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