Maternity Style on a Budget

I’m on a tight budget being a single income family and a college student. The idea of buying a bunch of clothes that I would only wear for a few months seemed crazy and just downright unrealistic for me, especially since let’s face it maternity specific clothes are super over-priced. I focused on a few key pieces from the maternity section that I felt I could wear repeatedly and would be the most beneficial, and other than that I bought styles that I could wear after pregnancy as my body adjusted. I like to think I have accepted that my body will never look the same again, therefore I figured that I  would probably need a wardrobe update anyways.

What did I buy in the maternity section?

The first maternity item I bought were jeans mainly because I am a girl that loves to wear jeans constantly. This just seemed like a logical purchase with great value for me. I went to the motherhood maternity outlet store near me on a holiday weekend (it was insane but I knew the sales would be worth the crowds and they were!!). I am on the more petite side as far as my frame so their Jessica Simpson brand worked best for me since they run small. They are reasonably priced plus I got mine on sale.

After registering at Target I received a coupon for my entire purchase of their brand of maternity clothes. I waited until there was a cartwheel sale as well and bought multiple items at that time in order to get the most for my money. Also always check the clearance at target I scored a tops for super cheap!  Here’s what I bought:

  • two basic long sleeve shirts (a must in the PNW)
  • a printed thermal
  • a cute flannel plaid top that ties above the bump
  • A striped tunic tee
  • A striped basic V-neck
  • A belly band (50% off on cartweheel!!)

IMG_5079IMG_4886 - CopyIMG_4935IMG_5064


Non-Maternity Finds:

So other than these few items the rest of what I wore was either things I already had in my closet that were stretchy or over-sized to begin with or I bought items I knew would work with a bump and without. Some of my favorite places to look with good prices are forever 21 (I just had to be very picky but I scored some great stuff for super cheap), Lou and Grey from LOFT (I work here part time so I have a discount but they have great sales), target, and pink blush. Here are a few of my outfits with non-maternity clothes throughout my pregnancy.

A serious lifesaver was that belly band from target!! It basically lets you wear your jeans without having to button them, and no one can tell! I had a few pairs of jeans that had extra stretch that I was able to wear for like 8 months of my pregnancy. Alright at first I would just take a hair tie (a rubber band would also work) and loop it through my button hole and then around the button to give me some extra room. A long top would hide this and it worked great. Once my belly was too big for this, the belly band was awesome! It keeps your pants snug and up where they are supposed to be plus it hides the fact that they aren’t buttoned or even zipped! And was much cheaper than buying multiple maternity jeans!! Score!

What to look for outside of the maternity Section:

  • Length because everything gets shorter as your bump gets bigger
  • Stretch! Seriously a good amount of stretch is your best friend
  • A waist that hits above your bump
  • Loose and over-sized (as your bump grows belt them above your bump to be more flattering)

P.S Leggings will be your very best friend so buy your favorite brand when you see them on sale! I promise there is a point where you don’t care if you’ve worn leggings for three days in a row.

Check out my instagram for my full maternity style @uponalovelylittlelife

Hope this helps!

I would love to hear how you adapted to your growing bump so leave me a comment below!

Love Always,



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